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Our Mission:
Phase 1 Sports Academy was created to give athletes and parents every resource needed to develop in every area of being an elite student-athlete. At P1SA we require each athlete to maintain the highest level of academic and athletic excellence, while developing life skills that will translate well beyond sports.

Why P1SA

17 years
of athlete development experience

100 athletes
have went on to compete at the professional level

500 athletes
have moved on to the collegiate level

available on site at each campus location

for more convenience

academic curriculum

Phase 1
Elite Performance Trainers

Training Equipment

What’s the difference between a good student athlete and a great one?

Mental & Physical Preparation

We believe that there are 3 main things student-athletes should focus on:

Mental Training

Mental Training is where athlete development begins. In order to compete at the highest level, athletes must have the proper mindset. Our trainers and mental coaches are commited to the mental success of our athletes.

Performance Training

Performance Training has evolved tremendously over the years and Phase 1 has continued to be a leader in the industry. Our Academy athletes will receive the same training as our NFL, NBA and other pro athletes.

Community Outreach

Being an athlete is about more than scoring touchdowns and making jumps shots. Athletes are natural leaders and must play a role in the community. Our athletes are obligated to making an impact and giving back.

The Phase 1 Sports Guarantee

When I started Phase 1 Sports in 2003 I had one simple goal: help athletes get to the next level.
When people ask how I came up with the concept, the answer is very simple:
“Is everything I wish I had when I was their age.”
So Fall 2020 marks the start of the next level of athlete development. The focus con academics, mental and physical training is the perfect balance for athletes that want to maximize potential and compete at the highest level!

Our athletes will be prepared mentally and physically for all challenges in sport and in life!

– Mike Waters, Phase 1 Sports.